We protect your users and we reinforce your privacy We are a group of professionals in computer security

We work online and remote access

Office work

We work from Monday to Friday from 09 AM to 10 PM / Location Las Vegas, Nevada / 5 years working together with companies to strengthen security and maintain the privacy of their customers


We perform audits and perform tests to detect real vulnerabilities. These are documented for delivery to our clients. diagrams, composition, network mapping, detection of serious vulnerabilities and technical support.

An Alternative To Other Services

We believe that your company can be safer so our group offers you plans to observe the security capacity for a month for free. among them the detection of changes and vulnerabilities of small traits as employees are committed to information leaks.

Your image first

It is important to have a good view from your visitors where they can contribute and project as a community. In addition to feeling comfortable with your website and feeling protected.


What is cryptojacking?

According to computer security researcher Troy Mursch, cryptojacking or cryptosequence in Spanish is when hackers use malicious programs on the website to use all the computing power of visitors' devices to extract cryptocurrencies..

What is Coinhive? It is an application in JavaScript that allows a website to use the client's computer to extract the Monero cryptocurrency. Its authors wish to offer site owners an alternative to online advertising.

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Follow us on twitter and find out about tools, news and the latest in hacking @kelvinsecteamS Now we can work to make a safer network.

Who is kelvinsecurity?

we are a group of specialized cyber security informatics with high performance and growth during these 5 years. we make ourselves known through our investigations where we have been able to find serious vulnerabilities that have been able to harm the safety of users. Now we are developing a 100% professional service that you can acquire.